Day 4 – Discover the Human Story: borrow from our Living Library

Living Library - a shelf of books turning into a line of different people

Have you ever paused halfway through a really good book to wonder why a character took a particular decision, or to consider how they were feeling, or to wish you could just ask them to tell you more?

Well now you can.

Starting early in 2024 the Knowledge & Library Services will be opening a Living Library. You’ll be able to ‘borrow’ a human book (a volunteer from UKHSA) for a 15 minute chat to learn more about their experiences on a particular theme. Each theme will run for a month. You’ll be able to browse an online ‘bookshelf’ to find out more about each ‘book’ (person) and decide who you’d like ‘borrow’.

Living Libraries bring people together in a unique and safe way to share lived experiences, to challenge stereotypes, to foster understanding and, through the power of conversation, to get beneath the ‘cover’ and tell the rich stories that make us all who we are today.

The first theme will be Women in Science. If you’d like to volunteer to be a book and tell your story please email [email protected] or [email protected]. If you’d like to borrow from the Living Library, please watch out for more information in the New Year.


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