Day 10 – Research Support and Governance Office (RSGO)

The Research Support and Governance Office (RSGO) provides organisation-wide leadership in the coordination of research activity, expertise in research governance, management of ethical approvals, academic relationships, and liaison with funders to influence research investment for public health benefit. We can help guide colleagues from the inception and development of research ideas, identifying and applying for funding, applying for ethics, managing relationships with external stakeholders, all the way through to publication and impact, and everything in between.

Colleagues in RSGO specialise in research management and governance at UKHSA and are up to date on the latest laws and legislations surrounding research. We can help identify gaps for research and co-ordinate partnerships internally and externally to make UKHSA a more connected research organisation.

RSGO offers support and guidance on:

  • Grant funding
  • Research ethics
  • Publishing research outputs & Open Access
  • Research during an incident
  • PhDs
  • Internal research funding opportunities
  • Research prioritisation
  • Research impact
  • Patient and public involvement and engagement
  • UKHSA’s Central Research Information System (CRIS)
  • Academic relations and research stakeholder engagement

More information about research at UKHSA is available on the Research Website

Search for published research on the Research Portal.


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