Current Awareness Products

UKHSA Knowledge and Library Services provide a range of current awareness products. If you would like to be kept regularly up to date with the latest research in your field of work, then please submit a request via the Knowledge and Library Services Enquiries Portal (UKHSA staff only): choose “Current Awareness”, and under the heading Preferred format of results, choose “Regular auto alert by email”.


Types of current awareness products available

You can watch this brief video for an overview of the types of current awareness products (runtime 02.29; click here for transcript). More information and examples of alerts and updates are below.

Topic Alerts
You can submit a request for an alert to be set up on a topic of your choice, for example:

Table of Contents Alerts
The following
 are examples of what an alert might look like if you have chosen to receive table of contents alerts from specific journal titles:

  • Healthy people healthy spaces – this one searches a specified selection of journals for papers on this topic.
  • Specific journal titles – this one includes specific journal titles related to sickle cell and thalassaemia screening, but you can choose your own list of journals to make it more tailored to your requirements. 

Automated Current Awareness Updates (ACAU)

A selection of ACAUs, to support UKHSA priorities, are co-produced with UKHSA teams, and are listed below along with their archives:

    • Healthy Ageing
      This is a monthly publication for people working in the areas of healthy ageing to ensure they are up to date with the  latest research to inform future practice. Sign up here.
      Click here to read the latest update, or find the most recent updates here.
    • Infection
      The Infection Current Awareness Update highlights the latest research from infection-related guidance and journals, and new publications from the National Infection Service. 
      Click here to read the latest update, or find the most recent updates here. Please note: A UKHSA COVID-19 Literature Digest is being produced by the COVID-19 Literature Digest Team and is available in the Keeping up-to-date section of the Finding the evidence: Coronavirus page.
    • Mental Health
      This CAU highlights the latest research on the risk factors for mental health, preventive interventions, service provision, prevalence and inequalities, and the Prevention Concordat for Better Mental Health programme.
      Click here to read the latest update, or find the most recent updates here.
    • Musculoskeletal Health
      The purpose of this update is to provide the latest research to inform future policy and practice to support the prevention of Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions. Sign up here.
      Click here to read the latest update, or find the most recent updates here.


Setting up your own alerts

If you would like to create your own alerts, we can send you instructions, or we can provide training. Please submit a request via the Knowledge and Library Services Enquiries Portal (UKHSA staff only), and choose General.


Browzine is another way for you to keep up-to-date. You can create a bookshelf of your favourite journals, and bookmark articles for future reference. You just need to create an account and then set up your bookshelves. Find out more here.


Other bulletins available from UKHSA and other organisations to help you keep up to date

We do not accept responsibility for the availability, reliability or content of the items included in these bulletins and do not necessarily endorse the views expressed within them.

Title When Publisher Content
Emergency Preparedness Resilience and Response Monthly NHS North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust A list of papers that relate to emergency preparedness, resilience and response.
Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin Weekly UK Health Security Agency A list of notifications of disasters taking place around the world.
Health and Care Knowledge Update Monthly Governmental Statistical Service Newsletter that brings together information, resources, and official statistics on health and care.
Health Foundation newsletter Monthly Health Foundation Features different perspectives and expert opinion on a different health or health care topic. Also includes details about funding opportunities, Health Foundation publications and blogs, as well as the latest news from us and the world of UK health care.
Health Management and Policy Alert Twice weekly The King’s Fund Update on the latest health policy, guidance, reports and statistics.
Health and Wellbeing Bulletin Twice monthly The King’s Fund The latest news, policy developments and guidance on public health, health inequalities and population health.
NICE News Monthly National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) NICE latest published and forthcoming guidance topics, implementation advice, consultations, meetings and events, latest news, features and stories.
PHE Statistics Not stated UK Health Security Agency A summary of the latest official statistics releases published by UK Health Security Agency, arranged by topic. The bulletin also features any recent ad hoc statistical publications.
Public Health Evidence Briefing Weekly Health Evidence Matters A digest of the main policy, news, analysis and research evidence from the last week. It covers a very broad range of topics of relevance to those working in or with a general interest in public health, or those supporting the NHS in population health work.
Public Health Intelligence Calendar via subscribe to PHE National Health Intelligence Knowledge Hub Weekly UK Health Security Agency Spreadsheet of public health statistics by organisation and subject with link to update
Public Health Matters Approx 2 every months UK Health Security Agency The official blog of UK Health Security Agency, providing expert insight on the organisation’s work and all aspects of public health.
The week ahead in global health Weekly World Health Organization (WHO) Preview of what’s on WHO’s agenda around the world.






























To find a broader range of current services, including more on public health, visit Current Awareness Service for Health.


Evidence briefing on methods of delivering current awareness

If you are interested in learning more about current awareness services, we have produced an Evidence Briefing looking at methods of delivering current awareness; see What innovative methods are available for delivering current awareness? Dec 2018.


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