Learning and Development Collection

This is a collection of books, aimed at all staff employed by UKHSA, or who are working in UKHSA locations. The books are chosen with the aim of supporting your professional learning and development needs.

What books are there?

The range contains books on a number of topics, including project management, leadership, mentoring and communication skills.

There is a list of relevant books on the library catalogue, where you can also search for a particular book title or topic, using the search box at the top of the page.

We have some created some lists for different topics. Click on the links below to view:

New Books in the collection

We have a range of new books, titles include:

How do we choose the books?

The majority of our books are purchased following recommendations from library users. Knowledge and Library Services staff have also identified topics for inclusion and expanded the collection.

We like to know what has helped you, so please let us know if you have any recommendations to add to the collection whether that be a single book, or a topic area you feel is missing.

How can I get them?

Any member of UKHSA staff can visit a site library and borrow a book. Staff based on a site without a site library, or staff working from home can email [email protected] and have books posted to them.

More than books…

Whilst we love books, other resources are available for UKHSA staff to support your learning and development. Please visit the Learning and Development page on UKHSA Pulse.

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