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On this page you will find information about how to request a journal article (or book chapter) from UKHSA KLS using the document supply service.

The page is arranged as follows:


Document supply service

UKHSA KLS provide UKHSA staff with the full text of journal articles and book chapters for work purposes that are not available to you via our own collection.

We will always try to obtain items freely for you via reciprocal interlibrary loan arrangements in our networks. In circumstances where it is not possible to obtain the article or document you require without incurring a charge, UKHSA KLS will usually supply the document to you freely but alert you to the cost we have incurred.

The document supply service is run within the terms of the NHS Copyright Licence and the Copyright Act 1988.


Do you need to use the document supply service?

Journal articles

Before using the document supply service you should first check whether or not the journal articles you require are freely available electronically. You can use the Discovery Service to access full text via the Get PDF, Linked Full Text and Access Item links. Discovery searches a wide range of evidence sources provided by UKHSA and the NHS as well as open access material.

If you have access to an academic library via a university affiliation then please also check their journal holdings before submitting a request to us.


Book chapters

Book chapters can occasionally be found freely on the internet. Try searching for the title of the book from which the chapter is published. Sometimes putting titles in inverted commas and searching for a PDF file can help.
For example, if you were searching for staphylococcus aureus skin infection in the search engine box you would type “staphylococcus aureus skin infection” filetype:pdf


Using the document supply service

You can email us the document details to [email protected]

Please complete as much information as possible. This may include:

  • Title of article or book chapter 
  • Journal name or book title
  • Year, volume, issue, page numbers
  • Authors (first two authors will be sufficient if there are many)
  • DOI

It is also acceptable to send us the link to the webpage of the article on PubMed or the publisher’s website, or copy and paste the citation from PubMed. 

In some circumstances we cannot supply journal articles to you unless you complete a copyright declaration.

All journal article requests we receive are processed as soon as possible, but if there is a particular urgency or date the article is required by please bring this to our attention. Please be aware that during periods of high service demand, it will take longer for us to process the requests.


Document supply delivery

We will deliver the journal article or book chapter to you as soon as possible, usually by email in PDF format. In most circumstances we seek to supply the document to you electronically, depending on the source and copyright regulations.


Quality standards

KLS aim to meet the following standards of service:

  • process 90% of requests from stock within two working days;
  • process 90% of requests for items from other libraries within three working days;
  • and keep users informed of outstanding article requests (those taking more than a week to fulfil).

However, please note that whilst we still strive to maintain these standards, at times of high service demand there may be occasions when we take longer to fulfil your requests.  

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