12 Days of Christmas 2020

Explore Knowledge and Library Services resources that can support your health and wellbeing, learning and development, or even find yourself a good read for winter with our 12 Days of Christmas advent calendar. Select a window at random for a surprise or scroll down to preview our content; expect new titles, light relief, and some brilliant book recommendations!



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Do you want a preview of what is behind each door? Spoilers below…

Day 1: Wellbeing - the Knowledge and Evidence Specialists recommend their favourite books, TV shows, radio shows, films and podcasts.

Day 2: Lockdown Light Relief - some books that will bring snippets of positivity to your life.

Day 3: Dealing with Change - resources for managing change, both personally and professionally.

Day 4: Poetry - poems to relieve stress and promote happiness, available to read or read aloud for you.

Day 5: Bias - books to help you understand everyday biases.

Day 6: MS Office - tips and tricks for everyday use of Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel.

Day 7: Sleep - tips and tricks on how to sleep better.

Day 8: Remote working - resources to help you manage the challenges of working from home.

Day 9: Nature and Wellbeing - nature can benefit your mental and physical health in a multitude of ways.

Day 10: Battle Ready - spotlight on Ollie Ollerton's book Battle Ready: eliminate doubt, embrace courage, transform your life.

Day 11: Explaining Humans: What Science Can Teach Us about Life, Love and Relationships - this Science Book Prize winner is a fascinating guide on how to lead a more connected, happier life.

Day 12: Loneliness - support to deal with loneliness throughout the festive period, as well as humour and distractions.



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