Knowledge Management Service Offer

Please note that as the KM team within KLS expands, so will our service offer. 

Enquiry Services 

KLS can respond to your enquiries in relation to KM and provide advice and support.  
Please email your enquiries to [email protected] 


We have curated a collection of KM resources. 
Visit our Knowledge Management Resources page or go directly to the list of resources on the library catalogue for books and journals:
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To view some recommended tools and techniques, visit our Knowledge Management Toolbox page 

KM Advocates community of practice (UKHSA)

This community of practice offers a space for people to share experience and resources, ask questions, pose solutions and support each other to facilitate and improve KM within their teams and across the organisation. Membership is open to all those with an interest in KM. The community uses MS Teams as its platform. To join the community of practice, contact [email protected] 

Training and facilitation sessions 

The following training and facilitation offers are available on request.
To discuss your interests and needs, please contact [email protected]
Please note that this offer is currently via MS Teams, but face-to-face training and facilitation may be available in the future. 

  • Introduction to KM
    • What is KM? 
    • How does KM fit into UKHSA? 
    • Our approach 
    • What are the KM Principles for Government? 
    • Brief overview of tools and techniques 
  • A more detailed introduction to KM tools and techniques 
    Looking in more detail at some of the tools and techniques introduced in the Introduction to KM
  • Facilitation of KM tools and techniques 
    A member of the KLS KM team will facilitate e.g. an After Action Review for your team.

    Coming later this year:

  • Introduction to the KM Maturity Model 
    • What is the KM Maturity Model? 
    • How do we use it?


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