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Within the Yorkshire & the Humber Centre efforts have been made to ensure that completed projects and pieces of work designed to tackle health inequalities are written up in brief and made available to access. The aim of this was to ensure learning and good practice is shared, enable subsequent projects to build on previous ones, and to give recognition of the hard work of those involved in the projects.

This has been successful locally but there was a realisation that the learning would be equally useful to those outside Yorkshire & the Humber and it is hoped that sharing these examples more widely will encourage others in other Centres to do the same. If you have any general questions about the work or would like to know more then please contact Luke Rollin.

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Practice examples

Title of practice exampleSummary
Barnsley Cancer Screening Programmes Uptake Improvement Work ProgrammeVariance in uptake of the Breast, Bowel and Cervical Screening programmes offer was identified in GP practices across Barnsley. A collaborative approach was developed, and a programme of work implemented between a PHE Screening and Immunisation Co-ordinator (SIC), Cancer Research UK (CRUK) facilitator and Communication and Engagement officer to target those practices with lower uptake.
Reduction in inequalities in the childhood vaccination programmes across BarnsleyBarnsley childhood vaccination uptake in general meets targets, however GP practice level data shows this varies across the town with a number of GP practices having high numbers of children not brought for childhood vaccinations, in particular pre-school boosters.
'Don’t let the flu get you' event at St George’s Crypt in LeedsWorking with York Street Health Centre to offer flu vaccination to homeless service users of St George’s Crypt in Leeds. A one-off event was planned where a practice nurse from York Street was present at St George’s Crypt to offer a free health check and flu vaccination to all service users. 41 vaccinations were given.
Protecting student health: Increasing uptake of MMR and MenACWY for first time university entrants at the University of SheffieldDiscussion about current immunisation uptake/rates, initiated at the University's Annual Review of Health of Students.


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