Day 4: Our favourite Knowledge Management tools

Within KLS we have a few Knowledge Management (KM) tools that we’re really keen on.

Take a look at the postcards below to find out more!

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This postcard was written by Steph, Learning and Research Support Librarian, South West. It says:
KM Tools
I want to tell you about…Action Learning Sets
What’s that? A group of people working together to solve an individual workplace problem, using questions to identify actions.
I like it because…the variety of questions posed by the group can lead to deep and meaningful insights, and the individual decides on actions they will carry out based on the process. It's a very good tool for getting something done!
What impact can it have? It leads to actions to solve specific problems, but also increases awareness of different attitudes and approaches; you learn a lot from other people.
Where can I find out more?


This postcard was written by Victoria, Knowledge and Evidence Specialist for Knowledge management. It says:
KM Tools
I want to tell you about…After Action Reviews
What’s that? A short, structured discussion to reflect on the successes and failures during the course of a project, activity, event or task.
I like it because…it’s simple! It encourages open and honest discussion between all those involved in an activity; as well as generating recommended actions and know-how, learning takes place on the spot.
What impact can it have? It helps you replicate successes and avoid pitfalls. Used regularly, it helps build trust among team members to overcome fear of mistakes and supports a culture of continuous improvement.
Where can I find out more?


This postcard was written by Carly, Knowledge and Evidence Specialist for North East, Yorkshire and Humber. It says:
KM Tools
I want to tell you about…Knowledge Harvest
What’s that? A set of questions designed to facilitate sharing of valuable tacit knowledge (an individual’s information and experience) when they leave a job or the organisation.
I like it because…the tool allows for conversations to develop organically, and one learns a great deal about the person and their career. It is also really useful in highlighting key processes or members of staff that the person regularly uses or connects with.
What impact can it have? It ensures that valuable tacit knowledge is not lost when a person leaves a role. It is also a really positive opportunity to reflect on a person’s progress whilst highlighting constructive improvements for the organisation to consider.
Where can I find out more?



This postcard was written by Janet, Knowledge and Evidence Specialist, Knowledge Management. It says:

KM Tools
I want to tell you about … Knowledge Management (KM) Advocates Community of Practice
What’s that? A community for those in UKHSA with an interest in KM, it provides an informal space to share knowledge, exchange insights and build common KM practice.
I like it’s a great way to share KM tools, techniques and other resources that describe what KM is, and to ask questions! It offers a means for people to connect together and learn from each other.
What impact can it have? It aims to build a better understanding of KM and help reinforce a culture of knowledge sharing within the organisation.
Where can I find out more?
To find out more about the KM Advocates community of practice visit or visit or contact


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