Evidence Briefings

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What is an Evidence Briefing?

Evidence Briefings are a summary of the best available evidence that has been identified and selected from research using systematic and transparent search methods, in order to answer a specific question. However, the findings are not quality assessed or critically appraised. The briefings are a neutral presentation of the evidence and do not seek to make any recommendations. 


Can I ask for an Evidence Briefing to be produced?

It takes a minimum of 3 weeks to produce an Evidence Briefing – this does not include the time the request may have to spend in our triage system or awaiting staff capacity. Please ensure you request an Evidence Briefing well in advance of any deadline you may have.

Evidence Briefings are also subject to certain eligibility criteria including whether the request is in the form of a focused answerable question, and is either a topic for strategy/planning or policy development, one requiring immediate action for work or implementation, or one where evidence is required to showcase a high priority topic.

Evidence Briefings are one of four types of literature search outputs offered by UKHSA KLS. For further information about literature searches and how to request them, please see our Literature Search page. 


What Evidence Briefings are currently available?

The Evidence Briefings that have been produced so far are available to download below. You are welcome to link directly to our briefings, but please do not re-upload the documents to your own website. Please note that these briefings are written to help answer a specific question at a point in time – they are not updated subsequently and therefore may not constitute the latest evidence on the topic. 


Alcohol drinking

Behavioural change


Children’s services

Digital health

Domestic violence

Global health

Health inequalities

Health protection



Knowledge retention


Mental health

NHS Health Checks

Performance management

Physical activity

Reproductive health

Screening and testing


Sexual health


Substance abuse, substance misuse, addiction

Work and health

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