Day 8: Research Methods Reading List

Research methods for public health (general books)

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  • BURKE, J. G. & ALBERT, S. M. 2014. Methods for community public health research: integrated and engaged approaches, New York, Springer Publishing Company.
  • CROSBY, R. A. & SALAZAR, L. F. 2021. Essentials of public health research methods, Jones & Bartlett Learning.
  • DALY, J., KELLEHEAR, A. & GLIKSMAN, M. 1997. The public health researcher : a methodological guide, Oxford, Oxford University Press.
  • GREENHALGH, T. M. 2020. Understanding Research Methods for Evidence-Based Practice in Health, 2nd Edition, John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated
  • GUEST, G. & NAMEY, E. E. 2015. Public health research methods, SAGE.
  • MCCLEAN, S., BRAY, I., DE VIGGIANI, N., BIRD, E. & PILKINGTON, P. 2019. Research Methods for Public Health, SAGE Publications Ltd.
  • PAWSON, R. 2006. Evidence-based Policy. London: SAGE.
  • PRUZAN, P. 2018. Research methodology : the aims, practices and ethics of science, Springer.

Quantitative research methods and statistics

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  • BISHOP, O. N. 1971. Statistics for biology: a practical guide for the experimental biologist, [London], Longman.
  • BLAND, M. 2000. An introduction to medical statistics, New York, Oxford University Press.
  • BRUCE, N., POPE, D. & STANISTREET, D. 2008. Quantitative methods for health research: a practical interactive guide to epidemiology and statistics, Chichester, UK, John Wiley.
  • CUMMING, G. 2012. Understanding the new statistics: effect sizes, confidence intervals, and meta-analysis, New York, Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.
  • DOWDY, S. & WEARDEN, S. 1991. Statistics for research (2nd ed), New York, John Wiley.
  • ETZIONI, R., MANDEL, M. & GULATI, R. 2020. Statistics for Health Data Science: An Organic Approach, Cham, Springer International Publishing, Imprint: Springer.
  • FIELD, A. 2013. Discovering statistics using IBM SPSS Statistics: and sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, London, UK, Sage.
  • FIELD, A. P., MILES, J. & FIELD, Z. 2012. Discovering statistics using R, London, Thousand Oaks, Calif., Sage.
  • KESTENBAUM, B., WEISS, N. S. & SHOBEN, A. B. 2019. Epidemiology and biostatistics: an introduction to clinical research, Cham, Springer.
  • KLEINBAUM, D. G., KUPPER, L. L. & MORGENSTERN, H. 1982. Epidemiologic research: principles and quantitative methods, New York, Van Nostrand Reinhold.
  • KREMELBERG, D. 2011. Practical statistics: a quick and easy guide to IBM SPSS Statistics, STATA, and other statistical software, Los Angeles, [Calif.], London, SAGE.
  • MOORE, D. S., MCCABE, G. P. & CRAIG, B. A. 2016. Introduction to the Practice of Statistics, United States, Macmillan Education.
  • PEACOCK, J. & PEACOCK, P. J. 2020. Oxford handbook of medical statistics, Oxford, Oxford University Press.
  • PFEIFFER, R. M. & GAIL, M. H. 2017. Absolute risk: methods and applications in clinical management and public health, Boca Raton, Chapman & Hall/CRC.
  • RUMSEY, D. J. 2011. Statistics for dummies, Hoboken, N.J., Chichester, Wiley, John Wiley [distributor].
  • SAVITZ, D. A. & WELLENIUS, G. A. 2016. Interpreting epidemiologic evidence: connecting research to applications, New York, NY, Oxford University Press.
  • **SELVIN, S. 2011. Statistical Tools for Epidemiologic Research, Oxford University Press (OUP).
  • SPIEGELHALTER, D. 2019. The art of statistics: learning from data, [Harmondsworth, England], Pelican.
  • TUFANARU, C., HUANG, W. J., TSAY, S.-F. & CHOU, S. 2012. Statistics for Systematic Review Authors, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
  • VOGT, W. P. 2011. SAGE quantitative research methods. [electronic resource], SAGE.


Qualitative research methods
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  • ALVESSON, M. & KA?RREMAN, D. 2011. Qualitative research and theory development: mystery as method, Los Angeles, SAGE.
  • BARBOUR, R. 2014. Introducing qualitative research: a student’s guide, Los Angeles, CA, SAGE Publications, Inc.
  • EMMEL, N. 2013. Sampling and choosing cases in qualitative research: a realist approach, Los Angeles, SAGE.
  • HENRY, M. 2015. Qualitative research and ethnography. [London]: SAGE Publications Ltd.
  • HIGGINBOTTOM, G. & LIAMPUTTONG, P. 2015. Participatory qualitative research methodologies in health, Los Angeles, SAGE.
  • HOLLWAY, W. & JEFFERSON, T. 2013. Doing qualitative research differently: a psychosocial approach, London, SAGE.
  • LICHTMAN, M. 2017. Qualitative research for the social sciences, London, SAGE Publications Ltd.
  • MILLER, T. 2012. Ethics in qualitative research, Los Angeles, [Calif.], London, SAGE.
  • PERNECKY, T. 2016. Epistemology and metaphysics for qualitative research: constructing knowledge, Thousand Oaks, CA, SAGE Publications.
  • SILVERMAN, D. 2013. A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about qualitative research, Los Angeles, London, SAGE.
  • URQUHART, C. 2013. Grounded theory for qualitative research: a practical guide, Los Angeles, Calif. ; London, SAGE.

 Review methods and types

  • AROMATARIS, E., FERNANDEZ, R., GODFREY, C. M., HOLLY, C., KHALIL, H. & TUNGPUNKOM, P. 2015. Summarizing systematic reviews: methodological development, conduct and reporting of an umbrella review approach. JBI Evidence Implementation,
  • GOUGH, D. 2015. Qualitative and mixed methods in systematic reviews. Systematic Reviews, 4,
  • GOUGH, D., OLIVER, S. & THOMAS, J. 2017. An introduction to systematic reviews, Sage.
  • GRANT, M. J. & BOOTH, A. 2009. A typology of reviews: an analysis of 14 review types and associated methodologies. Health Information & Libraries Journal, 26, 91-108.
  • MUNN, Z., PETERS, M. D. J., STERN, C., TUFANARU, C., MCARTHUR, A. & AROMATARIS, E. 2018. Systematic review or scoping review? Guidance for authors when choosing between a systematic or scoping review approach. BMC Medical Research Methodology, 18,
  • PHAM, M. T., RAJIĆ, A., GREIG, J. D., SARGEANT, J. M., PAPADOPOULOS, A. & MCEWEN, S. A. 2014. A scoping review of scoping reviews: advancing the approach and enhancing the consistency. Research synthesis methods, 5, 371-385.
  • STERN, C., LIZARONDO, L., CARRIER, J., GODFREY, C., RIEGER, K., SALMOND, S., APÓSTOLO, J., KIRKPATRICK, P. & LOVEDAY, H. 2020. Methodological guidance for the conduct of mixed methods systematic reviews. JBI Evidence Synthesis, 18, 2108-2118.

Knowledge translation

  • ALI, M. & PARVANEH, I. 2021. Facilitators to health policy and management knowledge translation: A scoping review. Payesh, 20, 529-548.
  • EUSON, Y., STEPHANIE, S., NANCY, M. S., ANITA, K. & IAN, D. G. 2021. Identifying competencies for integrated knowledge translation: a Delphi study. BMC Health Services Research, 21, 1-18.
  • GRAHAM, I. D., TETROE, J. & PEARSON, A. 2014. Turning knowledge into action. [electronic resource] : practical guidance on how to do integrated knowledge translation research, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
  • KITSON, A., JORDAN, Z., SALMOND, S. & WIECHULA, R. 2012. Knowledge Translation in Healthcare, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
  • MURPHY, K. & FAFARD, P. 2012. Knowledge translation and social epidemiology: Taking power, politics and values seriously, Springer Netherlands.
  • VIRGINIA, M., KAREN, M.-S., CATHERINE, H., MARY, M., GREGORY, G. & ANA, T. 2021. The usability and applicability of knowledge translation theories, models, and frameworks for research in the context of a national health service. Health Research Policy and Systems, 19, 1-14.

 Research tools, checklists and guidance



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